Coin operated video games have been the foundation of the amusement industry for more than 2 decades. The game shown is only a sample of our large inventory of state-of-the-art video. As coin-op video technology increases, UltraServ Vending will offer more and more games. We also provide classic pinball games. Call us today to find the game you are looking for.

Bar-Top Video Games
UltraServ Vending can provide your bar, nightclub, or similar venue with a variety of bar-top touch screen video games. These games have inter-active play with prizes and web-surfing. These units are very popular and can be customized to display your location's name.

Pool Tables
Coin operated pool tables provide a great entertainment for customers in bars, nightclubs, game rooms, restaurants, and other similar venues. These pool tables are high quality tables and are available in any color of felt. They are sure to draw a crowd!

Here at UltraServ Vending, we employ the use of the Rainbow Toy House line of skill cranes. These cranes are the undisputed champion of the crane industry. We can provide a number of different sizes to accommodate your location’s needs. We also have a very flexible line of toys, prizes, and candy to stock your machines. These cranes have the potential to really boost your location’s monthly revenues. We make placing skill cranes in your location as easy as ever!

Call today! Our friendly customer service representatives will start you on your way to enjoying the very best in arcade games, with personalized, attentive service.

All items shown are representative only. Actual items may vary.

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